Navod Paranavithana awarded Best All-Rounder | Sunday Observer

Navod Paranavithana awarded Best All-Rounder

With 679 runs, 36 wickets and 12 catches, Navod Dinusri Paranavithana easily carried away the Best All-Rounder award at the Observer-Mobitel School Cricketer Awards ceremony.

“I am happy to receive an award of this caliber which encourages me to go further in the sport,” said Navod speaking to Sunday Observer soon after receiving his award.

“The presentation of the Observer-Mobitel School Cricketer Awards for budding cricketers in the country has to be appreciated by all cricket loving fans as this gives all young cricketers a target to reach the highest level of the game,” he said.

Navod said that he received great support from his parents, two brothers and all cricket loving fans from the Galle district which gave him extra strength to continue in the game.

He also thanked his former coach Anil Rideegammanagedera who took great pains to correct his batting and for him to attain greater heights. The present coach who has taken over from Anil too is very keen in promoting Mahinda College cricket to reach the top in the coming season.

Navod said that he passed his O Levels last December and qualified for the A Levels.

“Though I played cricket. I managed to plan the timing for my education. Even now, I have a big task in dividing my studies and cricket. I will plan it in a way so that neither my studies nor my cricket gets affected. My parents too are helping me,” said Navod.

Currently Navod who is a member of the Sri Lanka Under 19 squad that is undergoing residential training preparing for the series against Bangladesh.