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Letters to the Editor

Depositors troubled by The Finance Co. Plc issue

The Finance Co. Plc (TFC) licensed under the Finance Business Act No. 42 of 2011 has again suspended the financial operations as a Finance Co.

Since February 2011, the senior citizens as a result who have deposited their life’s savings are undergoing untold suffering. They cannot obtain either a loan/advance or withdraw their capital which they have invested in this company. I approached the Nugegoda branch of the company and the officials inform me that the Central Bank has absorbed all their finances and that they are unable to be of service to the depositors until the Central Bank releases the money.

They also say that they are expecting an investor to join them. I am a senior citizen who is suffering from a iscaemic cardiac disease, diabetes and a colon blockage due to a Cyst growing in the colon. I am unable to undergo a surgery due to financial constraints. This is a major operation. Why cannot the Finance Co. entertain cases like mine. I am sure there may be many such people who are suffering silently. The directorate of the company should be responsible for this situation. I trust the Government would step into this and bring about a settlement.

A senior citizen,

Dark cloud over Lotus Tower

Lotus Tower is a monumental landmark of Sri Lanka’s technological and architectural achievements. The tower comprises a telecommunication museum, a restaurant, supermarkets, food courts, conference halls, an auditorium, luxury hotel rooms, ballrooms and an observation gallery.

The estimated cost of the tower is Rs 19 billion.

Rs 2 billion paid by the Government in 2012 to ALIT, China for the construction of the Lotus Tower had disappeared from books. This is very tragic. This was pointed out by President Maithripala Sirisena at the opening ceremony on September 16 in the presence of the Chinese Ambassador and all other invitees.

This is poor tax payers’ money. Who are these politicians? Are these the politicians who go regularly to temples, churches and kovils and worship like devotees? This is just one corrupt deal. This dark cloud over the Lotus Tower will never disappear.

D. Weeratunga, Nugegoda.

Recognising talent

Revolutions whether peaceful or violent bring new problems as soon as they liquidate the old. The same is true of the education system.

Under the present system of education, any boy or girl is free to claim secondary education at a school according to his or her abilities, without payment until the age of 18 or 19. The State pays the whole cost of education even up to the university.

All students do not benefit from a full secondary education. Many are unable to follow a university course. Competitive examinations are being held for G.C.E. A/L students to select those suitable to follow a university course. Most candidates are left out at the examination. The children whose parents who can afford to give their children education in urban area schools are lucky in facing competitive examinations. The Government has taken strides in providing modern facilities to schools, especially in rural areas. Parents need not go around in searching schools for their children. This system provides opportunities for students in remote areas who have been left out due to poverty, to continue their education.

Recognising inborn talents of the children by teachers and parents in their early-childhood and encouragement by them benefit children to get their talents sharpened. It is the moral duty of the teachers to learn how to recognise a genius or a child with inborn talents.

Dharma Kaviraj