Universal Children’s Day | Sunday Observer

Universal Children’s Day

The entire world survives with the birth
Of the most innocent beings proving their worth
The key to success of any country, anywhere
Lies in the emphasis placed on their welfare
They are the biggest and the most precious treasure
The value of which no one can measure
They are the most innocent and delicate
Uncorrupted beings in the whole universe to date
Hence the revered name, Universal Children’s Day
Accepted and approved by UN in 1954 on this day – (Oct 1st)
In the backdrop of global turmoil and chaos
Reflecting a decline in social and cultural values
The importance attached to them is admirable
Attention paid to their wellbeing is remarkable
UN is engaged in a right royal battle
On behalf of the children mostly to settle
The problems faced on many an occasion
On frank recognition, they are the backbone of a nation
It is here that they lay the solid foundation
To grow up as responsible citizens of the nation
UN has taken meaningful steps to inculcate
In them their importance and worth at a rate
UN should be hailed for the unparalleled service
To children irrespective of caste creed and race
They should be looked after sans a trace of sorrow
Because they will be the worthy citizens of tomorrow
UN is actively focusing on issues affecting them
While promoting their creativity and enthusiasm
There is something powerful when they band together
With a common purpose of getting to know each other
To make their happy corner of the globe
A better place with overwhelming hope
The children should be the prime concern of the ruling authority
Providing all essentials considering it their bounden duty

- Rupa Banduwardena