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DSI Super Sport volleyball finalists found

6 October, 2019

The finalists were found in the DSI Super Sports Schools under-15 boys and girls volleyball championship last weekend.

The boys final will be fought out between Rajasinghe MMV, Ruwanwella and Davissamara MV, Seeduwa while the girls final will be between Uhana Tissapura MV, Ampara and Sangamitta BMV. Both finals will be played at the National Youth Services Council indoor stadium in Maharagama on October 25. Davissamara MV defeated St. Xavier’s College Chilaw while Rajasinghe MMV beat Senanayake MMV, Madampe in the boys semi-finasl.

St. Xavier’s took the third place when they beat Senanayake MV in the play-off.

In the girls semi-finals Sangamitta BMV outclassed Bopitiya BMV in straight sets while Uhana Tissapura, Ampara outplayed Mahagamasekera MMV.

Bopitiya MV finished in third place when they defeated Mahagamasekera Central in the play-off.