Minister lambasts self-centred, personal gain sports officials | Sunday Observer

Minister lambasts self-centred, personal gain sports officials

Harin Fernando
Harin Fernando

Minister of Sports Harin Fernando has noted that most of the officials at the National Sports Associations did not care about their athletes and only considered their personal benefits.

He made this remark at the opening ceremony of the Building for the Institute of Sports Medicine.

“We need to set up a proper structure for the athletes to learn about sports science, as many injuries are caused due to lack in knowledge about sports science,” said the minister.

“The ministry is responsible to provide support to the sports bodies but since I took over we have been discussing about the problems of the sports bodies. We are always talking about their problems but not about the betterment of the athletes,” noted Fernando. “The national sports associations do not speak about the development of athletes with the help of technology. Today the world has changed and some athletes use the chip in their jersey to check their endurance to develop their performances.

“The athletes should be taught about technical application to attain high performances.

“We are planning to introduce this technology to the national pools in the future and to request for more grants to be given to the doping and sports medicine unit in the next budget,” concluded Harin Fernando. (KR)