Fashion Bug introduces ‘Active wear’ | Sunday Observer

Fashion Bug introduces ‘Active wear’

Fashion Bug launched a brand new collection titled – ‘Activewear’, at the network’s showroom in Wellawatte recently. The collection is made up of fashionable, comfortable and high quality sports wear and accessories for men and women from Fashion Bug owned brands – JobbsActive and Amani Athletic.

Having identified the growing popularity of healthy living, especially among the Millenials and Gen Z, Fashion Bug introduced the ‘Activewear’ collection with the aim of promoting the right ‘attitude’ towards a healthy and active lifestyle. ‘Active wear’ offers a number of significant benefits including sweat wicking and breathability, durability of clothes, protection from the environment, comfort and an improved range of motion.

A truly Sri Lankan brand in essence, Fashion Bug empowers over 2000 small and medium size local entrepreneurs, and takes pride in providing the latest clothing designs.