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Global warming: cause and solutions Earth: Do you care ?

Our Planet earth has been around for 4,543 billion years. If we do not take care of it, as it does for us, I am sorry to say earth may give up on us. Global temperatures are on the rise, ice caps are melting, sea levels are increasing, rain forests are burning up and humidity is making a run for it. Why? Because of global warming. The topic global warming is of major concern in people’s minds.

What is global warming?

Global warming is the gradual increase in the earth’s average temperature due to an increased amount of energy striking the earth from the sun. as well as the increase in trapped CFC gases (Chlorofluorocarbons), which is not allowed to be radiated back into outer space. The big question asked by many, what are its driving factors and its solutions. One of the biggest causes for global warming is mankind but the question is what is the solution? It is also mankind.

The main driving factor for global warming is mankind as we have a drastic contribution to the greenhouse effect. The greenhouse effect is caused due to human activity which mostly occurs in the industrial sector (manufacturing process). There are many harmful gases that are released in this sector, the name given to these gases is CFC’s (Chlorofluorocarbon’s).

Ever since the industrial revolution the increase in cfc gases were exponential. This was mainly due to the harnessing of non-renewable energy and burning of fossil fuels. The increase in CFC gases were not the only factor to see a drastic increase. It is said that if the average temperature rises above two degrees Celsius many countries would disappear, Iceland and the artic will see grass for the first time and many humans will perish. Currently for the year 2019 the average temperature rise so far is 0.9oC. “The united Nations concluded that there’s more than 95% probability that human activities over the past 50 years have warmed our planet.” Basically, the increase in CFC’s gases has a direct responsibility for the increase in the rise in the earth’s temperature and global warming.


There may be one or two causes. However, there are many simple and feasible solutions. As the only living being to be able to accept and take responsibility to protect our planet, doing simple acts such as growing trees can be the solution. The planet has a secret weapon that we are not aware of, namely trees.

However, timber harvesters around the globe cut more trees than we can even regrow. One tree is able to absorb about 48 pounds of carbon dioxide per year and roughly about 4 pounds per day. Just imagine if 90 % of earths trees were cut down, thus would result in the death of all living organisms due to suffocation. this would be because trees are our main supply of oxygen so if we cut down trees, we are simply cutting down our own oxygen supply as well. So, one solution can really be to just keep growing trees rather than cutting them. Simply do the math, more trees can reduce CO2 emission and less trees can increase CO2 emissions.

Secondly another solution would be the harnessing of renewable energy sources as well as using 21st century technology to help reduce CFC gases.

If we take a look at renewable energy sources there are quite a few such as hydropower, wind energy, tidal energy and solar energy.

These forms of energy are also sustainable and clean meaning that harmful gases are not produced in the process of producing energy. In the era of technology there are endless possibilities in creating emission free machines or even create machines that help reduce exiting CFC gases. Recently a company created a carbon exhaust fan which is located in Zurich Switzerland.

This fan works as a vacuum that suck in the air around it and cleans it using a carbon filter thus eliminating CFC gases from our atmosphere thus making the atmosphere a cleaner place. New developments in technology can save our future as well as find better ways of harnessing energy.

Remember the main cause mankind, it is our solution as well. If we all come together, we can save planet earth. For example, coming together to sign the Paris accords. In the year 2015 many leaders from many countries came together to sign the Paris agreement.

The main reason the accords exist is to help us reduce CFCs such as nitrous dioxide, water vapor, carbon dioxide and methane. This was done by giving industrial company’s a quota (this means they can only produce a certain amount of CFC gases) if companies did not obey this rule they were fined. In short, the signing of the Paris accords can help reduce CFC emissions.

In short, take a look at the cause and solutions in a close-up view and we can see that everything leads back to us mankind. We are to be blamed for the evolution of the industrial revolution which cause the spike in CFC gases. Mankind’s creation and constant development of technology can save our planet as well as help us harness renewable energy. Finally, world leaders coming together to sign the Paris accords. In my opinion we are the dominating species of this planet, thus coming together now, we can save planet earth. It is not too late to act. Acting now is better than later and having regrets.