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Zero waste lunch day

#greeningthepurple. The event was part of the British School’s ‘end of the Global Climate Strike’, and included a no-waste lunch to be brought in by students. No single-use plastics or waste was given out by the school’s canteen, which meant students had to bring their own lunchboxes and bottles to store the food and drinks that they may have bought. Throughout the day, the Pupil Council and school staff monitored and collected data on the number of students per class who produced zero waste.

77% of Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) students produced a zero-waste lunch, alongside 60% of students in Key Stage 1 and 81% of students in Key Stage 2. Key Stage 3 had 92% of students produce a zero-waste lunch, while Key Stage 4 had 71% and Key Stage 5 had 88%. 73% of students in the Junior School and 87% of Senior School students were waste-free. Overall, the percentage for the whole school was 79%.

Well over half of EYFS, Junior School, and Senior School students did not contribute to any waste in their lunches, it is definitely a huge step forward in our initiative to promote environmental friendliness and reduce our carbon footprint as a whole. We think if we were to do a zero-waste lunch every Friday as part of BSC tradition, the waste saved over the year would be staggering. We witnessed a high level of enthusiasm from students and staff to support the zero-waste lunch day. As a community we can all contribute to #greeningthepurple.

In future, we hope to continue zero-waste lunches every Friday as well as collect more data to compare a regular day’s waste to that of a zero-waste Friday. This will help us to recognise the exact impact we make by contributing to the event.

This event was a massive success, and on behalf of the Pupil Council we are immensely proud of every student’s participation in Friday’s zero-waste lunch. We would like to thank parents for ensuring their children had zero-waste lunches, as well as the canteen, staff, and the Pupil Council for their support in this endeavour.