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Hathe Kaamare at Tower Hall

A special performance of ‘Hathe Kaamare’ a Sinhala adaptation to the stage from the pages of Leo Tolstoy’s short story, ‘The Exile’ will come alive on the boards of the Tower Hall in Maradana on October 20, at 6.30 pm.

The performance will be staged free of charge for disabled soldiers who would be treated to an evening of theatrical entertainment in gratitude for the sacrifices they made in protecting the motherland during the separatist war.

Special arrangements have been made by the producer of the show, artiste Dayaratne Suwandahennedige and his team, together with the administrative arms of the Armed Forces, for over 300 disabled war veterans who receive care at government facilities to be conveyed to the Tower Hall to enjoy an evening of theatre.

Co-directed by Sumith Suranga and Dayaratne Suwandahennedige, ‘Hathe Kaamare’ features the music direction of Roshan Pallage, and has in its cast a host of well known artistes from the Sinhala stage.

The play, based on the short story ‘The Exile’ by master Russian novelist, Leo Tolstoy, was scripted by Sumith Suranga.

The story is about the plight of a newlywed couple and how the young wife in her spousal fidelity and devotion sets out to rescue her husband framed for murder.

This play looks at the themes of law and order and justice as well as sexual exploitation of the helpless. It shows how the oppressive Tsarist regime was a heartless system of favouring the powerful at the expense of the weak.

It shows the praiseworthy determination of a loving young wife willing to brave the storm of a brutal system to rescue her lover.

The producer and his team wish to announce that the show is open to all theatregoers who wish to express solidarity with the disabled veterans of war by joining them for an evening of theatre.

For further details please call Dayaratne (Producer) 0777273361