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Personality development of students

Do you know the meaning of personality? It means developing good qualities and getting rid of bad qualities in our life and good behaviour.

There are two types of qualities such as good and the bad. The good qualities are honesty, obedience, generosity, helpfulness, kindness, wiseness and ambitious.

There are different types of people in our society. Most of the people had good qualities than bad qualities in the past. But today people have bad qualities than good qualities. Therefore, every person should develop their personality.

As we are well-educated students, we can develop our personality by many ways such as been social, ambitious, punctual and build up confidence in our life. We should know how to face challenges and to be ambitious. We ought to work with many people in out life which means we should be co-operative and social.

If we develop our personality, we can get many advantages such as we can be a good person, a good leader and a good student to the society. Then our qualities are praised by others. Also we can get happiness and success.

Therefore, at last I think we should develop our personality from many good ways.


E.J.M. Thaveesa Sathnara,

Grade 10,

Galahitiyawa Central College,