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Little Bees present:

Rise and Shine!

Little Bees Preschool and Child Care Centre, Galakona, Dompe held its Art and Craft exhibition titled Ahase Edi Siththam at the school premises recently. The children drew, painted and made lovely items based on the way they see the sky. They had drawn beautiful and attractive star clusters and the bright objects in the sky. The exhibition was conducted under the guidance of the Head teacher Nadiresha Perera and teachers.

Little Bees preschool was launched in 2011 with three students and now over 50 students attend Little Bees. The teachers have completed Higher National Diploma in Early Childhood Care and graduated in Primary School teaching. They are professionally qualified in the field and guide the children on the right path. The preschool works according to a Year Plan and children are taken on trips and are taught about meritorious deeds.

They are also enriched with the Sri Lankan tradition and culture through activities such as Avurudu Uthsavaya, taught on how to respect and worship parents and elders. They are also taught about the society, animals and on how to protect the environment. Annually, a graduation ceremony is held in December to motivate and encourage the children. Here are some highlights of Ahase Edi Siththam.