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Batty Weerakoon no more

Veteran Samasamajist and working class leader Batty Weerakoon has passed away. Born in 1932, he had his education at Trinity College, Kandy, where former Foreign Minister Lakshman Kadirgamar was his classmate. He had obtained a first class in English from the University of Ceylon, Peradeniya.

‘Batty’ plunged headlong into politics by taking an active part in the 1953 Hartal and later became Secretary to the then Finance Minister Dr. N.M. Perera.

He earned a name for himself as a lawyer-crusader when he took lead against the killings, including Richard de Soysa’s during the 1980/90 terror and the sale of the Eppawala phosphate deposit. He had also authored a number of books.

‘Batty’ was appointed Minister of Science and Technology following the demise of another Samasamajist, late Bernard Soysa.

Among the bereaved are his two sons and two daughters who are professionals. His wife, Hema predeceased him.

Jagath Hemachandra,
United Left Front.