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Letters to the Editor

Unequal distribution begets vices in society

Our society which was nourished by the Buddhist cultural environment is falling apart. There is no peace and harmony, humanity in friendships, relationships, social interactions and interrelationships.

According to the UNO’s universal agreement, every human being has equal privileges. But the gap between the haves and the have nots has gone up and makes social issues worst.

According to Buddhism, there are two solutions to eradicate vices from society. One is the duties and responsibilities of individuals towards society, and the other is the duties and responsibilities of rulers towards society. A prominent place goes towards the rulers of the country.

A. Jayathilaka,

Public property for election propaganda

The Campaign for Fair and Free Elections (CAFFE) has received many complaints related to the misuse of public property by presidential candidates. There are complaints on movable and immovable resources, belonging to Local Councils and the Central Government being misused. The authorities must put an end to this immediately.

The Election Commission is spending Rs 4.5 billion for a fair presidential election. This amount of money is wasted if the election is not held properly.

As people, it is our duty to work against the violation of election laws. We should not allow politicians to misuse public funds for election propaganda. Corruption should be rejected at every stage. We have suffered enough because of corruption.

Police and Election Commission should offer a gift of Rs 25,000 to anybody for information about the use of public property for election propaganda.

D. Weeratunga,