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A better future for all

Mount Lavinia Hotel celebrated the tourism community on September 27th marked a very important date in the tourism industry calendar. Tourism is a key sector in and around the world which continues to expand and diversify.In Sri Lanka, the sector provides employment to approximately 500,000 and is an industry with potential for vast growth.

The Mount Lavinia Hotel is known for hospitality service the world over. Backed by a rich historical, cultural heritage and with over two hundred years of existence the hotel itself is both a unique and famous landmark in the country.

Many tourists both near and far have experienced the friendly warmth and many return to call it their home away from home. The hotel, to some is an experiential glimpse into colonial Ceylon, to some a resort getaway from the hustle of everyday life, and too many a lifetime of memories cherished through returning time and time again.

At the forefront of the dynamic hotel operations is none other than the hotel staff, many of whom have served for 15 years or more. Keeping to the theme of World Tourism Day –Tourism and Jobs A better future for all an interdepartmental training program for the staff was launched on the day. The focus of this program is for staff to learn and train within each department of the hotel, providing them the opportunity to enhance their skills and be able to work in any department of the hotel.

Mount Lavinia Hotel has not only served as a home to many guests but has always been a second home to the staff. Paving the way for opportunity and skill development in the tourism industry.