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My roots are here

Designer Shanith Fernando is riding high after his brand successfully launched in North America.Chula and Bellesza are two brands which give an aesthetic look with a modern twist.

All his hard work has got him several invites to showcase his designs in various fashion shows across the globe. Through work he wants to inspire the younger generation to take up fashion and through fashion to promote Sri Lanka and have more Lanka designers on the global platform.

Shanith talks to Youth Observer, about fashion, travel and promoting Sri Lanka through fashion.

With your creations, have you put Sri Lanka on the map with your unique designs?

Sri Lanka is my birth country and where my heart lies. My roots lie deep in my country and where ever life may take me, I go, not forgetting my humble beginnings.

Fame, glory, popularity, fans all these are a part and parcel of life. In the limelight from quite a young age, I have been bestowed these beautiful forms of acceptance by my nation, her people and now more than ever the fashion fraternity of the world. I am indeed indebted to my nation Sri Lanka and that is why I always ensure I take Sri Lanka to the world with my own form of creativity in couture clothing.

Mr. Sri Lanka for Mister Model International 2016 happened at a phase in my life when I was suffering the immense loss of my dear beloved father. I had taken the responsibility to represent my nation at the world pageant held in India and I had no return. During the pageant, I was able to carve a platform for myself in India. India welcomed me with open arms.

Today when I look back, I am ever so grateful for those difficult times in life, as it gave me the biggest discovery of myself: My strength and my sheer determination to never give up in life.

Q : How has your recent success been with the fashion label?

Recent success has brought me lots of clients. It’s a correlation in my case. I measure my success by the number of clients who reach me, appreciating and admiring my work. Yes, it has taken me from a beautiful city named Negombo in Sri Lanka, to the beautiful islands of Maldives, to Australia and North America. I am blessed, I would say, with clients from around the world. Today both my Labels Chulo and Bellesza are going places.

Q : You’re constantly travelling related to work, where is your next destination?

India, my love and second home.

Q : Tell us about your brands?

I have two fashion labels under my belt. Chulo- for the ultimate man of today, and Bellesza – for the beautiful woman of today.

Both these brands reflect my personality and imagination in making myself and others look great in clothing, which has simplicity, elegance, modernity and of course the most vital aspect of clothing- comfort. Today these labels are patronized by many in the world even though my garments are very exclusive at the moment catering to a very niche market.

Q : What inspires your creations?

Inspirations are drawn from various things ranging from experiences, from places I travel to and read about, beautiful people, nature, fashion in itself and its very own element, other great designers, day to day activities. Inspiration to me is a sea of imagination and opportunity that triggers me to explore the very world of my innate creativity.

Q : Tell us about your upcoming fashion show?

Sultry Sri Lankan Allure - My latest collection will be launched at the Chennai Fashion Week scheduled to be held in October.

Q : How do you plan to inspire the fashion world?

My aim in life is to live a life of self-giving and magnanimity. In that journey, inspiring other individuals, empowering other human beings to believe in themselves and achieve success in life and career brings me great joy and soul satisfaction.

Inspiring others, come from my lifestyle, your dedicated work that is innovative, unique and amounts to great creativity through experimentation.

I have started that journey of inspiring others by hosting a weekly TV program here in Sri Lanka to empower women of my nation through style, clothing, jewellery, dressing up, grooming, you name it, I use all these methodologies and practices to empower my audience.

The fashion world will have more of my creativity thrown at them through my clothes and other plans I have set up for the future.

I operate a modelling school by Belleszaa Models and that was a step I took last year to further my world of inspiring and sharing my knowledge with other fashion lovers. There will be that signature mark of Shanith Fernando imprinted in the world’s fashion fraternity.

Q : You constantly travel, how do you plan to promote Sri Lanka to the world?

The country is full of rich diversity, great historical values and ethics, a history to boast for over 2000 years, beautiful flora and fauna and breathtaking scenic beauty that caters to any individual from any part of the world.

The changing weather patterns and climatic differences in various parts of this small island give the traveller much to experience.

My aim and has always been my practice is to take this very own identity to the world in terms of my clothing.

My next step has begun. To appreciate and take the local craftsmen’s hard work to the world; to promote the creativity of our local craftsmen by incorporating them into my clothing. I take Sri Lanka to the world in more ways than one! You will see this in the coming Chennai fashion Week too.