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Vocational training available for ‘differently talented children’

The Synergy of Heart and Soul Organisation was borne to care for differently talented children and their wellbeing. At the very begging our intension was to socialise these children in a way that they are to be accustomed to other members of society and to widen their tolerance.

Some of our beloved children become aggressive or even resort to violence with their close relatives. Particularly when they are hungry, sleepy or when they feel they are out of their comfort zone.

Some parents have no option, than to institutionalise the child, when their children are unhappy due to their uncontrollable behaviour (such as crying, showing aggression,) and being indifferent under normal situations.

Our organisation has identified the need of training them so they would be ‘Skilled’ in certain tasks.

The recently concluded kite festival gave the children a break from their everyday life. Meantime, we also felt that parents and guardian also need some skills.

A learning center for Differently Talented Children was opened recently. This is not like a normal polytechnic academy but created to suit the intellectually disabled. We understand their learning requirement is not to excel academically but to reinforce their daily routines and have basic skills needed for life in order to survive, at least when they grow old physically.

The center for Learning is well equipped with an auditorium, sound studio with recording and voice training facility, gymnasium to care for health and weight management, and wood work and metal workshop.

Armed Forces personel, and specially trained instructors and facilitators are there to guide these children through the syllabuses. When they achieve required skill levels, they will be employed in their capacities to the companies who would like to offer them opportunities in their programs. This is a pilot project in Sri Lanka.

We believe these differently talented children reaching adolescence; need enhanced self-esteem through social advancement although they are quite slow learners. These programs allow them to find a suitable job, according to their abilities. We were of the belief that the Technical Skills will not only bring a change in the life of Intellectually disabled Children but the society as a whole bears responsibilities to make them part of us with different talents. We hope to start with two or three basics and hope to introduce more in future.

Parents feel free to call over if you have such children between16 to18 year olds or higher, if you wish to teach them a trade. Please drop us a mail [email protected],