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Soul Sounds : A triumphant presentation

Soul Sounds with their Music Director
Soul Sounds with their Music Director

It was a great day that was to dawn

A cheerful brightness that Easter


With heartfelt joy did we embark

To meet our savior at the rising Ark..

Congratulations to Soul Sounds and their Music Director for demonstrating that through music the Easter morn upheaval can be overcome by musicians and that they support the survivors of the attack, through a planned project of theirs, for the future. Aptly titled ‘Steal Away,’ Soul Sounds commitment to reach the audience through their songs was commendable. That they succeeded there was no doubt. Soundarie David Rodrigo their Director brought out the best from the choir considering the fact that this was an evening of gospel and inspirational choral music far removed from their usual repertoire of songs from musicals.

Leading off with ‘Promised Land’, the lyrics written by Lilanka Boteju and the music by Soundarie David, set the bar high for the concert. The first part built to a triumphant presentation. Quite naturally because ‘Promised Land’ displayed subdued and skilful blend of voices, subdued piano and the dull ring of the notes off the top of the tumbler, handled by the chorus members, the sombre mood of inspirational music kept the audience rooted in their seats with the compositions ‘Grief Never Grows Old’, ‘Steal Away’ – the title of the concert, before Dinuskha Jayawickrema moved into her solo of ‘Souls’ Anthem’. There was no denying that she handled the song with a lot of expertise. Apart from the fact that direction has been strict the choir themselves are musically talented.

The first half ended on a high with Soundarie David back at the piano after having conducted the traditional spirituals ‘Give Me Jesus’ and ‘Let Me Fly’. The song composed by James and John Johnson was ideally chosen to end the first half on a high ‘Lift Ev’ry Voice and Sing’.

The second half opened with the prayer of St. Francis ‘Lord Make Me An Instrument’ and moved into a triumphant presentation of solo voices by Arisha Ashbourne singing ‘Oceans’, Shehara Liyanage moving into the spotlight to sing ‘Encourage Yourself’, Anjani Fernando with her performance of “I Look To You” and the combination of Shehara Liyanage and Dinushkha Jayawickrema to give of their sensitive vocal stylings for “His Eye Is On the Sparrow”.

It was a rewarding experience listening to Soul Sounds that evening. Their musical quality and professionalism deserves five stars. It was all there – the high level of intonation, articulation and rhythm and the choir’s commitment to reach the audience through their music cannot be ignored.

The standing ovation was justified.