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STIC Head Prefects: A story of leadership

27 October, 2019
The newly appointed prefects
The newly appointed prefects

They were given the challenge of leadership, to be strong, but not rude, to throw around kindness, yet not be weak, to be bold, keep your head high, but not be a bully. They are meant to be humble, but not timid, be proud, but not arrogant. At the recently held Prefects investiture of St. Thomas’ Catholic International College (STIC), Dahami Perera and Nikhil Tristan were appointed Head Prefects giving them the responsibility of guiding the rest of the Thomians to follow the school moto - “Knowledge through faith”.

STIC Head Prefects joined the Junior Observer to reveal their story of leadership.

The newly appointed stewards

“As head prefects, we have to perform our daily duties of maintaining discipline and to make students follow the rules and regulations of the school. We also have to be in charge of other prefects and guide them in handling the responsibilities that come with the position. We have also to be active and be a part of various functions organised by the college. It is a big responsibility, which I think, can be handled with all the support I receive from my teachers, parents and fellow students,” STIC Head Girl, Dahami Perera said.

She said that she was never a prefect before even though she was the leader of the Eastern Band and a member of the college choir. “My appointment shows the trust the Rectors and the teachers placed in me. I thank my teachers for what I am today. This is my final year in the college, and I hope, in return, to serve the college and maintain the name of the college where ever I go,” she says with determination.

Talking about her future plans, Dahami says she would like to become a teacher. “My mother is also a teacher and lots of teachers in the college have inspired me and motivated me right throughout my years in college. I never had the idea that I would end up being the head girl. I am very excited about the year ahead,” she said.

Dahami likes to read books, watch a movie or listen to music in her leisure time. She has a younger sister who is also studying at STIC. She stated that her parents were supportive when she asked them permission to apply for a prefectship. “My parents have always been behind me. As I live away from school, they have to drop me off early or pick me up late. They are very supportive, thus it is easier for me to carry out my duties,” she said.

“I believe that time will bestow the right thing at the right moment. It is not our time but we have to wait for the right time. Even though life has difficulties, one day you will be able to overcome them,” Dahami added.

STIC Head Boy, Nikhil Tristan did not have a smooth journey in his college years. Being the second child and the only boy in a family of four, he was not interested in anything. “I was not interested in studies or in extra-curricular activities. In grade five, I was demoted because of my lack of interest in studies. That was a turning point in my life. My parents were worried ,and they pleaded to promote me and the Rector gave me some time to improve,” he said.

Nikhil then put his heart and soul into studies. The boy who did not participate in any activity took to the stage. He took up drama to come out of his shell. “I was a reserved boy.

I did not take part in any activity. Gradually, I took up athletics and drama. I am in the Altar Servers Association as well. With the support of my teachers and parents, I learnt to balance everything. I was determined to improve myself,” he said.

“My role model is Rev. Fr Kennedy, our rector. He is a disciplined personality and has amazing qualities. I like to be a person like him, to have his qualities and values, and I would like to pursuit a career in the Sri Lanka Air Force, or be an actor,” Nikhil added.

He is determined to be an example to the students of the college. He says that one can reach one's goals no matter how the beginning was. “You can prove to others your worth when you work with honesty, commitment and determination,” he said.

The Prefects investiture was held for the eighth consecutive year, and 25 prefects were appointed along with ten stewards.

Both head prefects thank the Rector of the College, Rev. Fr. Kennedy Perera, Vice Rector, Rev. Fr. Malintha Chathuranga, Primary Principal, Rev. Sr. Nalini, Master-in-Charge of Prefects (MIC) W.S. Janath, Master-in-Charge of Media Circle, D. J. M. Francis and Teacher-in-Charge of Media Circle, Thiyaga Pieris and all other teachers of the college for their support and guidance.