New student batch receives AIA schols | Sunday Observer

New student batch receives AIA schols

AIA Insurance’s Higher Education Scholarship Program, now in its 25th consecutive year, rewards the top performers of each district at the Grade 5 scholarship examination, by giving them a monthly bursary from Advanced Level (A/L) class right up to the completion of their university degree. The program was launched in 1994 to lend a hand to Sri Lanka’s brightest and most promising students, as they are the future of our nation. What’s unique in this is process is that AIA scholarships do not require the winners’ parents to be an AIA Insurance customer, but awards are purely based on academic merit.

Veteran songstress Nanda Malini was the chief guest.

AIA’s CEO Nikhil Advani said, “Unlike other scholarships, ours is based purely on academic merit. In that sense, we are delighted to lend this support, so you don’t have to worry about finances and can focus fully on your studies and reach your full potential as a well-rounded individual who can contribute to society,” he said.