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Be yourself

There are many different people in the world, some are artistic, some are logical, some are musical and sporty. But none of us are the same. We are all different and special in our own way. We all have extraordinary abilities. Everyone has a great destiny that fulfills their talent.

Many people waste time comparing themselves to others or trying to be better than others. That will never bring a person any good, because then we’d have no time to love ourselves. We won’t have time to see the beauty in ourselves, if we are always trying to be better than others. Instead of comparing, we should try to see the good qualities in ourselves as well as in others. If we are good at least at one single task, we should be proud of it. One could be very smart at academic work, while the other could be strong at sports. Everyone has something they are good at.

We should be ourselves. We should stick to what we are good at while experimenting new things. We being yourself is so important is because whatever the talent you have, you can be proud of your persona.


D.M. Jithmini Benara,

Grade 8,

Sri Rahula College,