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Letters to the Editor

Curse for a betrayer

The authorities of the Sri Lanka Freedom Party (SLFP) have taken a decision to support the SLPP candidate to become the President of Sri Lanka. The President had added poison to cause the death of his own party, SLFP. What a grave situation he has created for the party’s traditional voter. The result of getting into a porridge party (PP) is not at all wise in the long-run. This party was formulated and brought to light by a world renowned person by the name of S.W.R.D. Bandaranaike.

This time the party has got a wrong man to lead. It was the party’s bounden duty to have consulted the party predecessors, such as Chandrika and her sister to take decisions on the party. Today, Sri Lankan political history has created another betrayer worse than Ehalapola.

A citizen

English from grade one

It’s praiseworthy the quality of education which is provided by the state schools of Sri Lanka. Our students can compete with those of other countries and have proved their talents and capabilities.

Though, the English knowledge of our students is inadequate to face global challenges. Considering this issue, I would like to put forward some suggestions to enhance the English knowledge of our students.

* English should be taught from grade one in all government schools.

* The syllabus should not only focus on reading and writing skills. (Practical English is a must at the term test and public examinations).

* Students who are good in passing written examinations are unable or reluctant to speak the language since spoken skills are not tested.

* If students of international schools can communicate well why can’t government school students?

* This can be motivated by holding exams (such as Grade 5 Scholarship) during grade 5, 8, (O/L) and (A/L).

* The number of subjects should be reduced from 13 to 8 (from grade 6).

The health authorities have also proven the health issues of this due to the weight of the text books and the amount of home work.

I believe the Education Minister will take measures to rectify these issues of our students.

Jazeema Jaldeen, 

Racial political parties

Main political parties, such as UNP, JVP, SLFP, PPP are not racial. If you take the UNP, there are Sinhalese, Tamils, Muslims, Buddhists and Christians supporting the party. But there are many political parties which are racial or attached to one religion. This is not good. Political parties in successful countries do not support one religion or one race.

We appeal all politicians to change their party names so that they can include all ethnic and religious groups. We should not be narrow minded and want to treat everybody in the same way, not according to religion, race or colour.

D. Weeratunga,