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#PresPollSL 2019 - PPPR Update: Election violations report

Presidential Polls Watchdog, Transparency International published some election violations they had uncovered till end October.

TISL has launched two complaint hotlines 076 322 344 2/077 322 3662 on October 8 for the public to lodge complaints with their election monitoring arm, the Program for the Protection of Public Resources.This was followed with a social media campaign calling on the public to report any instances of misuse of public property. The email address is [email protected].

Transparency International’s District Observer in Puttalam had received reports that back dated letters of appointment had been given to trainees at the People’s Bank, Nattandiya branch, they reported.

On inquiring from the ECSL Puttalam District office it was revealed that though permission had been sought and gained to conduct a training session no permission had been granted to give appointments.

Further inquiries brought to light similar happenings at Nuwara Eliya, bandarawela and Diyatalawa. Failure to obtain ECSL approval is a potential violation of the gazetted regulations. Therefore , based on the TISL complaint the ECSL was able to take preventive action. In another incident on October 21, 2019.

The Program for the Protection of Public Resources had been tipped of f that the Ministry of Social Empowerment had made arrangement to grant loans of Ruppes one million to a group of Samurdhi Officer

s on that same day.TISL had taken immediate action to verbally inform the ECSL while their District Officer visited the premises at Suhurupaya.

He was able to meet with a group of Samurdhi Officers who had come there and record his conversation with them.

The ECSL was able to prevent the ceremony and postpone it as this was a violation of Gazetted Regulations.

TISL’s District Observer received a tip off on October 8, 2019 that approximately 100 people had gathered outside a Cabinet Minister’s office in Anuradhapura. Upon receipt of the tip off he had visited cabinet Minister’s office immediately a nd a verbal complaint was mad to the ECSL.

The TISL Observer had also reported that those who had gathered at the office had left in their vehicles ino sooner the authorities had arrived at the office to commence investigations.

Courtesy: Transparency International

Complaints by categories listed in gazetted regulations of the ECSL

01. Use of State Vehicles for Election Campaign Purposes - 10

02. Use of State Building & Premises for Election Campaign Purposes – 20

03. Appointments, Transfers & Promotions for State Officials targeting Election - 08

04. Misusing State sponsored Development Activities - 06

05. State Officers acting in favour of Political Parties & in Breach of Official Duties - 11

06. Giving Incentives/Equipment with Political Objectives – 14

07. Use of State Officials & Security Resources for Election Campaign – 02

08. During the Period of an Election State Officers using Social Media for the Promotion of or in Prejudice to Any Party, Group or Candidate – 03

09. Manipulation of State sponsored Livelihood Grants & Allowances for Election Purposes – 03

10. Using equipment and facilities od state institutions without paying - 01

11. Other illegal election campaigns using state resources - 01