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Changing Times

Exercise – the modern trend
to keep fit, - the Gymnasium,
walking tracks, walking shoes,
Brisk walking, arms swaying,
Instructors many -
One, two, up down, turn left, turn right,
to the tune of music to their delight.
Forty minutes paid exercises, plenty,
Going back in their cars so comfy.
To be admired are villagers of yore,
Exercises abundant in their daily chores,
Tilling the soil, work in the fields,
pounding the grain the harvest yields.
Pestle and Mortar, no grinding machines
the winnowing fans – arms at ease,
fingers moving as the husks release.
Women carrying firewood, a smile on their lips
pots full of water, on their swirling hips.
Washing linen, knees bent, scrubbing, stretching, winging,
A refreshing bath at the stream or well,
Drawing up water, with buckets full.
The young ones walking miles to school.
Regular games – no special rules
Rich were not they, but fit and strong,
satisfaction was theirs, as they moved along.
Times have changed so much
with modern influences, traditions lost,
But the villagers of the days gone by,
were truly, a healthy, happy lot.

- Rupa Wijesinghe