The expiration | Sunday Observer

The expiration

In a world of hollow men
You were complete dear sir
And no breaches in your divine duty
You widened our range
You taught us not just to be stuffed men
Who fill their headpieces with
All sorts of etymologies of varied bailiwicks
You guided us to be perfect stuffed men
Keeping the dignity along with humble ways
You were a sun with brightest rays
Your imparted your precious wealth of knowledge
And guided us to the best
Our hearts are heavy with gratitude
Though they are numbed with paralysis
Of inexplicable bereavement
In reluctance to bid farewell to a greatest teacher
Who taught us Wordsworth and Shakespeare prolifically
Who taught us life
Our dearest sir
You have become the most brilliant star
Still guiding us in the dark
From a very elevated lieu
Dear Sir, adieu

- Nilupulee C. Ranaweera