Idolatrous devotees | Sunday Observer

Idolatrous devotees

Two lion Chiefs of the Animal Kingdom
Wanted to have a One-to-one discussion
In order to iron out the mutual differences
To find cures for wounds of the occasion!
They sat face to face behind closed doors;
No aides or messengers were allowed in.
Staunch supporters and ardent followers
Waited outside cheering their idols!
Said one follower to one of the other:
‘Our hero’ll never bow down, you know;
His is a backbone like a steel rod!’
To which the other retorted,
‘Ours too, He’s a lion that won’t ever eat grass!’
Bargains began and smoothly went on.
A tree demi god was a credible witness;
Steel bent and feet back-stepped,
Grass was made delicious dishes!
Task ended and the doors were open;
The two reappeared smarter than ever
With florid smiles above erect figures:
‘Talks triumphant, we’re now friends!’

- Bandara Samarakoon