Maestro W. D. Amaradeva - A National Treasure | Sunday Observer

Maestro W. D. Amaradeva - A National Treasure

Music was the greatest wealth he had on earth
Which is something that inspired from his birth
In Sri Lankan music he was the almighty
Breathing life into song and poetry
His varied music that we all adore
Made Lanka a heaven as never before
Devoting his entire life for musical welfare
There was nothing that he could not bear
Many Gurus brought his inborn talent to light
Aroused his imagination and skills at sight
They influenced his passion for singing
To-date his voice and rhythm keeps singing
His study time at Bathkande University
Proved the magnitude of his musical activity
Singing volumes revealing a rich heritage
Created music for movies, ballet and stage
With music fiesta that he strode
Pupils and favourites filled his abode
His radio, television programs were countless
Enthusiastic fans, well-wishers – the list is endless
The legendary musician, composer and violinist
The words for his melodies were with all his heart
Gifted genius though small in stature
Was a colossus in the field by nature
To be born again in Lanka should be the next opportunity
Then supreme bliss of Nibbana for rich smell of humanity
The gift he gave was very valuable and vast
It will remain till Lanka lasts.

- Rupa Banduwardena, Australia