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Choosing a Style

Choosing a new hairstyle can be an exciting prospect. Altering the cut, colour or texture of your hair is an instant way to transform your appearance and can be such a boost to your confidence. We gathered ideas on short, mid-length, long and curly looks. There are so many ways to wear your hair. Let’s go!

Shorter Hair

Short hair can be the most flattering and stylish of cuts and there are many different ways to wear the look.

  • Short, textured layers give this style a fashionable finish, with just the merest suggestion of a fringe. Since, it is so short, very little finishing product is required to achieve the look; It is all in the cut.
  • A short crop cut close in around the ears still retains the feel of plenty of movement due to texture at the crown, which can help to balance a longer face shape. A product like Wax can add definition and can keep the fringe in place.

Mid-length hair

The beauty of hair that falls below the chin and sits around the shoulders is that, it can be styled differently from one day to the next, and cut to suit different face shapes.

  • Using a straightening iron brings out the cut of a mid-length style, emphasizing the smooth connection from the fringe area to the sides. A soothing cream or shine spray is perfect to finish.
  • A volumising mousse applied to the roots and mid-length before blow-drying mid-length hair helps achieve width and strength through extra root length. Curling sections around a large-barrel hairbrush adds movement.
  • Strong, thick mid-length hair can be cut into a layered style that is easy to look after and looks fabulous. Use a round brush to shape the hair when blow-drying and apply conditioning spray and shine spray to calm any frizz.
  • For hair with natural curl or movement, accentuate the texture by first applying curl-defining crème or leave-on conditioner, then dry the hair using a diffuser. Don’t be tempted to brush or else it will frizz.
  • A one-length bob can be encouraged to curl sweetly by toning through the mid-lengths and ends then blending the curl, rather than leaving as ringlets, for a better finish.
  • Dark, sleek hair shines gorgeously, and when cut into layers and encouraged to wave or curl. Simply use shine spray or serum to calm flyaways and add gloss.
  • A very long fringe can be swept across one eye and smoothed with shine cream for a great effect.

Longer Hair

Wearing hair to fall below the shoulders is the perfect way to show off great condition and colour. From gorgeous curl to amazing shine, the choice of looks is endless.

  • A deep fringe adds a great individual touch to one-length longer hair. Keep it trimmed ultra-straight so it sits just above the eyes and use smoothing crème or serum to keep it looking glossy.
  • Simple curls tonged through the lower sections of the straight hair, ring the changes and add body. Don’t be tempted to break up the curls, leave it to fall naturally.

When blow-drying longer hair,

  • the very ends of the hair can be wrapped around a large-barrel hairbrush to encourage them to kick out and show off front layers.
  • Playing with different tones of highlights create a glorious finish that brings out depth and condition of long hair. Naturally vary hair can look good with long sections in the front, which are encouraged to sweep back off the face, adding softness to the look.
  • Long hair can tonged though the mid-length and curled at the ends with large-barrelled irons to create wave, volume and movement.