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Coronation Street star reveals six pack abs

Shayne Ward, 35, is an English singer and actor who is known for his role in Coronation Street. In the last few months, he has slimmed down by an impressive 3st 7lb. How did he do it?

Shayne Ward rose to fame when he won the second series of The X Factor in 2005. He enjoyed a music career before turning his hand to acting and starred as Aidan Connor in Coronation Street from 2015 to 2018. Recently, he set pulses racing by posting pictures of his six pack abs after losing 3st 7lb. What did he do to shape up?

Sharing pictures of him before and after losing weight, he spoke about the impressive transformation he has been through.Shayne posted: “I’m So Happy to share with you the Results of my training with @UPFitness for 21 weeks.

“I have lost 3 1/2 stone in total and feel amazing. Thank you UP for everything.”

He managed to shift the pounds in just over five months and also trimmed his body fat percentage from 29 to 16 per cent. “I’m happy to not be in that place I was 21 weeks ago. I was sluggish, I was stressed and I didn’t really want to do anything," he explained.

"When I started training, I wasn’t in the greatest place – I was trying to balance everything on my shoulders in my personal and professional life. I didn’t enjoy ‘me’.”Shayne has used social media to show his healthy lifestyle and will often post pictures of healthy meals on his Instagram account.

A recent post showed him toning up by using a weight machine at the gym.

As well as enlisting the help of a personal trainer at UPFitness, Shayne explained he cut back on takeaways, fizzy drinks and sweet treats.

Instead, he stocked up on healthy meals such as porridge, eggs, fruits and vegetables.

He said: "I am having four eggs every morning. I could have a fight with an egg at the moment. Omelette, poached eggs, scrambled eggs. "I’m not cutting too much out though. I can still have chicken, mince, all the greens, and fruit. It’s not that difficult”.