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Fitness Zone opens for intellectually disabled and abled friends

Fitness Zone is the latest addition to the Vocational Training Centre for Differently Talented Friends who attend vocational training. It was a long-awaited need as some of the intellectually disabled children gain weight and this impedes their vocational activities when compared with counterparts.

“Although we do not encourage them to be overly concerned about their food intake we do advise them on how they are to maintain body fitness and stamina build up.

So, the management of the centre decided to allocate a spacious room for a gymnasium, All the youth and children attending Synergy of Heart & Soul Organisation’s educational activities, will be entitled to attend the gym during the time allocated to them.

That they be attired in proper gear according to sanitary standards is a must. The parents and guardians would be able to attend along with their children although we have very friendly and courteous gym attendants.

“Before stepping into the ‘Fitness Zone’ they initially must go through a medical questionnaire and provide basic information to ascertain their suitability and their medical history. These assessments are done with the family doctors, their parents or guardians prior to commencing the programs.

“Although the ‘Fitness Zone’ is not open for public membership, any differently talented friends may apply for membership to the facility as our aim is to look after this underprivileged group of children and to maintain their physical and mental health,

“This project is funded by the Stretchtec Group along with Rangiri Aqua as a CSR. Mission.

“The synergy of Heart & Soul Organisation will extend and continue these wellness facilities to all Intellectually disabled children attending with their parents regardless of their membership with SOH&SO but after the scrutiny of the Centre’s management.. Conditions will apply.

- Press release

If you are interested, you may contact [email protected], or call: +94(0)716711144 during the normal office hours from Monday to Saturday.