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Jackie's forte themed events

Jackie and her team.
Jackie and her team.

Jacqueline Fernando (Jackie) has been working in the beauty industry for many years. Through her services as a beautician she's rendered her ideas and creatives to those planning to curate themed events.

For Jackie, events and beauty culture have always been a passion. She believes that her ideas can be shared at bridal showers, weddings and other functions.

Q: What inspired you to curate bridal showers?

Well, the idea just came to me - why not organise bridal showers in the salon? It’s the ideal place, with pampering services at a client's beck and call. Why not give the bride a little more to look forward to and take her burden off by organising a shower in the salon where she can invite all her maids and have a good time, while getting her nails done.

Q: How long have you been doing event management?

I don’t do event management; I just like to give my clients a value-added service location.

Q: What is the most difficult aspect in organising an event?

Well, I have not come across any difficult aspects. It's all fun and fulfilling organising small bridal showers, kids birthday spa parties and the like.

Q: How do you manage to run a salon, plus do events?

Well running a salon is mainly making sure my clients get a value-added service, in a location that is hygienic, friendly and customer service oriented with branded products and value for what they pay. Event organising comes in as the fun part of the job.

What inspires your work? With many event companies opening up, how do you manage to be different?

I've always had a love for beauty care. I started my career at 19 with a pioneer in the salon industry. Thereafter, the rest of my learning was done overseas. Well, the difference is that I don’t do an event to make money. I just do it as a value addition for the client or as a surprise to the bride.


Q: Tell us about your forthcoming events?

We have a kid’s spa party coming up next month, a few bridal showers and many more events lined up for the month of November, with many prices to be won and special offers as well.


Q: Your advice to those taking up event management as a career?

To be honest, I am not doing it as a career. I am doing it to help my clients. They have the ideas, with getting them done always being an issue. Helping my clients is so satisfying and very encouraging.