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Architect 2020 to be held in February

10 November, 2019
File pic of Architect2019. Pic: Courtesy
File pic of Architect2019. Pic: Courtesy

Architecture as a discipline has evolved over the years to meet the demands of modern day consumers and it has become necessary to adapt to the changes to cater to present day needs, President, Sri Lanka Institute of Architect (SLIA) Archt. Veranjan Kurukulasuriya said.

“The 21st century needs its own paradigm shift in architecture as we are two years in to over consumption of world’s resources from the day of world’s ‘overshoot day’. This relates to the people and stakeholders of the construction industry,” he said.

“From the time of Neolithic architecture, the industry has never been static. The world is moving faster than establishing of new innovation and ideas to cope with changes. We are at cross roads with regards to challenges in delivering architecture as a service or a product,” he said.

With the introduction of design and build procurement method laws, the regulations and the client-architect, client-builder contract agreements, need to be revised to maintain impartial contract agreements. New city planning concepts, such as ‘art of living’ in cities and rules and regulations must be established. The recycling mechanism should play a greater role in this regard.

The way forward is an independent fair trade commission and a procurement committee to be set up on urgent basis.

“There are many challenges that architecture as a discipline faces in the form of adaptability and specialisation. There is an increased potential within the industry for the architect to perform a wide variety of roles. However, due to complex client’s requirements, deliverables with technical competency demands architects to be specialists in relevant areas. The architects must rise to the challenge of an information manager’s role,” he said.

“Only a handful of architects have mastered the technique of dealing with modern demands. It is evident when going through their portfolios. This is a direct result of working with foreign firms and knowledge transfer from experienced professionals from other parts of the world. It is necessary to introduce research and development programs to identify the future trends and to conduct short term courses in various specialised subjects relating to architectural establishments. Knowledge enhancement should be done through continuing professional development. The industry seeks government support in obtaining trade related expensive software to make the industry ‘future ready’,” he said.

The biggest architect capability display,” Architect 2020” was launched recently in Colombo with the participation of the previous year’s patrons - Stall holders, Sponsors along with a host of special invitees and members of the Sri Lanka Institute of Architects (SLIA).

As in the recent past, an interesting item on the Agenda was the ‘Auctioning of prominent stalls’ with stall holders vying for the most sought after stalls in the most promising locations. The winners were felicitated and awarded tokens of appreciation for their adventurous spirit.

Architect 2020 plans to have 313 trade stalls and 124 Members Display Panels to showcase the projects undertaken by the members of SLIA. The exhibition will aim at increasing public awareness, access and interaction, making it more attractive to the building trade.

It will provide the public many opportunities to interact with architects, among them the opportunity of a one-on-one free consultancy service with a panel of architects for guidance and direction for all construction-related problems encountered by them.

A Members Forum will provide educative sessions encompassing the various aspects of the profession of architecture throughout the 4-day duration of the Exhibition. Schoolchildren will also be facilitated on a day at the exhibition, to enhance their knowledge.

Architect 2020 will be inaugurated on February 19, 2020 with the National Conference the following day. It will be open to the public for four days.