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Hemas Hospitals wins local, international awards

10 November, 2019
 The awards won by Hemas Hospitals over the past six months.
The awards won by Hemas Hospitals over the past six months.

Setting a bench mark in the healthcare industry, Hemas Hospitals have secured 18 top national and international accolades within the past six months.

“Hemas Hospitals has always been at the forefront of quality, patient safety and innovation. Hemas Hospitals has always raised the bar of healthcare provision in this country, and set benchmarks for other healthcare providers to follow for the benefit of the people of Sri Lanka.

We have been the change agent and will continue to change the healthcare landscape in this country,” Managing Director and the President of Association of Private Hospitals and Nursing Homes Hemas Hospitals, Dr.Lakith Peiris said.

To honour Hemas Hospitals’ recent success on the awards circuit, where it claimed many prestigious national and international accolades, the premier Sri Lankan healthcare provider recently staged ‘Sethkaraya’, a collection of distinguished guests at a glittering ceremony in Colombo.

Speaking on the occasion, the panel of top dignitaries highlighted the importance of quality, productivity and safety, especially for a hospital. They commended Hemas Hospitals for pioneering many initiatives to raise the bar of Sri Lankan healthcare.

Hemas Hospitals has captured a series of top awards within the past six months, walking home with 18 top national and international accolades and in the process earning itself the title of the most feted hospital in Sri Lanka. These trophies include three Healthcare Asia Awards and one Hospital Management Asia Award in the international arena, making it the only hospital group to claim a major foreign award this year, bringing international recognition to the Sri Lankan healthcare industry.

Meanwhile, within the local sphere, the organisation received three awards from the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH) and nine gold awards, one silver award and one bronze award from the National Convention for Quality and Productivity (NCQP).

The awards have recognised the priorities of Hemas Hospital in its service delivery. These priorities were pursued through a range of policies and projects carried out by Hemas Hospitals.

These included securing Australian Council on Healthcare Standards International (ACHSI), which is considered the gold seal of international accreditation.

The hospital chain also introduced a broad spectrum of digital health initiatives, such as the HemasHealth app and Livetrack. It is introducing Electronic Health Records while working to implement a smart hospital concept to bring heightened convenience and accessibility to healthcare.

Hemas Hospitals has also been credited with initiating numerous programs that have brought immense benefit to less privileged communities. These comprise Suwadanafree health camps in various parts of the country, the Suwanaena health awareness programs, the Suwasisu first aid health awareness program for schools, theMeducate free continuous medical education program for doctors, the Dengue Epa awareness campaign and the Siphalen Eha career guidance program.