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The inaugural flight from Warsaw: Be who you really want to be

10 November, 2019

Miss Poland, Olga Bulawa, vying for ultimate name and fame at this year’s Miss World pageant, in Atlanta, Georgia, urged aspiring candidates to “be yourself and embrace your uniqueness”.

Her maiden visit to Sri Lanka has been significant for her personally and for her country’s aviation, as the two countries commenced the inaugural flight with her and other officials flying with her to the island from Warsaw.

Meeting the media at the Kingsbury Hotel, earlier in the week, the oldest Ms. Poland and Ms. Universe to contest, lauded the Lankans as nice and kind people. “I love the people of Sri Lanka, which has been a home to me. I really hope to spend more time here,” Bulawa said. Rating her best food experience in the island, she said, “hoppers were delicious.”

During her short stay, she has been meeting and greeting people, including the bomb-hit St. Anthony’s Church. Bulawa, an air hostess herself said, “I’m a team worker, too. If you’re a flight attendant, you’ve to be very patient. Be kind and polite to people.” “We both have had really tough histories. Be compassionate about it,” she said, on the host and home country.

Bulawa said, as her strength she banks on her confidence while her weakness is sheer stubbornness. However, she said, having that stubborn streak helps her. “I’m really stubborn, if I want a thing, I’ll do anything to get it,” she said, adding that it would be good in a way.

“There’s beauty in everyone. Beauty is not in the looks, it’s what is inside you,” said Bulawa, who has a Master’s Degree in Law. She has been pursuing a PhD at the back of her mind.

The 28-year-old had beaten the clock to contest in Miss Poland pageant, thanks to a friend.

“I wanted to check if I can do it or not. I was not so confident before,” she divulged.

“I’m really honoured to represent my country. So, I wanted to be myself. Be positive. Meet a lot of people and show them that people from Poland are also nice and open for other countries,”

“I want to spread the message to the little girls, ‘be who you really want to be in life. Women empowerment! We run the world.”

Being a flight attendant, the Polish representative seems to have fallen head over heels in love with travelling and aviation.

“It was not easy at first. But, I guess, working for a great company, they actually helped me to pursue my dreams, for which I would be forever grateful,” she said on managing work and academics.

“It was a surprise for me. I did not expect to win. Just enjoyed it. Also, I met a lot of confident and passionate girls.”

The Polish representative ended her sojourn on Thursday (7), after a a memorable visit-courtesy: Hayleys PLC and LOT Polish Airlines. The return flight also marked the maiden flight from Colombo - Warsaw.

Pix: Vipula Amarasinghe