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Aspiring fashion entrepreneur Sashini

10 November, 2019

Everyone likes to hear a good success story, especially one that involves an individual going through a learning curve in life which eventually ends up changing their life for the better within a short period of time and opening up a world of opportunity and prospects for them. This exact sentiment is one that has been experienced by many students who graduated from the Singer Fashion Academy after pursuing courses related to fashion and dress-making and have gone on to forge successful careers and prospering businesses after having had learned a craft that enables them to practice their passions and forge a solid career out of it.

Recently, a young lady who had completed two courses from the Singer Fashion Academy had gone on to launch her own dress-making outlet in Tangalle, where she hailed from. Launched as ‘Sashi Fashion Shell,’ she embarked on an entrepreneurial journey following her graduation from the Singer Fashion Academy. Owner and Dressmaker at Sashi Fashion Shell, Sashini Thilakshika Punchipatabandi shared her story on how she successfully trudged through challenging territories when it came to the subject of fashion. She explained how the Singer Fashion Academy and her lecturers had assisted her throughout her learning process with the Academy not only to learn new things but to also boost their confidence and balance work with studies together.

“I had no skills whatsoever when it came to sewing and was eager to enroll at a class that would enable me to learn how to make my own saree jackets since I was working full-time and required to wear sarees daily.

Eventually, I was browsing online one day and came upon an online flyer that mentioned courses through the Singer Fashion Academy. I contacted them and acquired details with regards to the courses they offered and it went from there.”

The closest branch of the Academy for her was located in Embilipitiya. Therefore, she went on to enroll in a Saree Jacket course, which she completed in less than six months. An added advantage that she benefitted from was the level of flexibility and support that the Academy offered to students who were especially working and attending classes at the same time.

She however, did not stop there as her interest piqued and with the encouragement of her teachers, she enrolled in a Diploma in Scientific Dressmaking for a year.

This was how I was able to launch Sashi Fashion Shell in Yayawatte, Tangalle. At the moment, I run the outlet with my mother and in the near future I hope to employ more staff and expand the business,” Sashini stated.

The teachers and staff of the Academy have been very supportive and always eager to help. I wish to thank Ms. Subashini Anuruddhika for her guidance and the management and staff of Singer Business School for being there with us along the way.”