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Désa Nisa

10 November, 2019

The film Désa Nisa is directed by Dr. Lester James Peries. It stars Joe Abeywickrema as Nirudaka, Sriyani Amarasena as Sundari, Ravindra Randeniya as Hermit and Denawaka Hamine as Nirudhaka’s mother.

The film begins in a village in Sri Lanka with the depiction of a young man named Nirudhaka who gets into trouble because he makes unwanted advances to young women. Nirudhaka’s mother tries to get him married off but her attempts are futile because many young women find Nirudhaka scary. Nirudhaka meets a blind young woman called Sundari and they enter into a relationship. The rest of the film revolves around them trying to cure Sundari’s blindness which leads them to a hermit who becomes interested in Sundari and tries to seduce her. (HW)