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Education to enhance needy lives

10 November, 2019

Education is an indispensable asset. There are examples of where many people who had lost or sacrificed everything, emerging victorious with education and reaching the top. The Zam Zam Foundation has been giving a helping hand by facilitating the education of the needy students of the country.

The Foundation continuing its generous services to students in dire need, distributed a hundred student packs to children from all parts of the country at an event titled ‘Humanity beyond Religion’ last week at the BMICH.

Thanks to the philanthropists in the Muslim communities, both at home and beyond our borders, they have already reached some 60,000 students.

The Foundation also revealed that by broadening its services it has taken the extra-mile during the holy month of Ramazan, in distributing dry ration packs worth Rs. 8,000 to poverty-stricken families. The organisers said, on the day of the event, packs worth Rs. 4,000, comprising shoe vouchers, stationery and crayons were handed over to student, selected by surveys and research.

Chairman, Zam Zam Foundation M. H. M. Yoosuf, addressing the gathering said, “We should make the most of our life span and reach out to the people,”

He hailed the country for unmatched generosity and said that on his global travels he realised that Sri Lanka is second to none in generosity “We are enjoying many free services and education tops the list. Our services do not stop with schools, it extends to higher education,” he said.

“I urge, sans leaving our next generation with assets and liabilities leave them with knowledge and education. A learned individual won’t ditch and disown his parents,” he noted. (PS)