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Kumara Sriyananda songs on internet

10 November, 2019

“When one enters the music industry you would like to stay on the scene for as long as you can. Creating new music to keep the new generation fans entertained is important.

Kumara says …. “I was abroad for a long time. I was in England. I knew I had skills to do something in the Arts field. Designing videos, writing lyrics and singing were better. My friend requested me to write some songs for him. So I created my first song Mage Jeewithe for him. I wrote the lyrics and I sang it. Music was by Visharada Jagath Wickramasinghe and I directed it. My Second song was Hello World, a remix song. I wrote those lyrics and sang it. Again music was by Visharada Jagath Wickramasinghe and direction was by me. My latest song is Hinayak da mee and the lyrics are by Rajeew de De Alwis. Music is by me.

Currently, all my songs can be heard on the internet. Via Youtube. You have to only Google Kumara Sriyananda to hear my songs on YouTube.

In future, I will meet you as a program producer and I am preparing for that. While negotiating with a with top class TV channel.

I hail from Mount Lavinia and am an old boy of South Colombo Science College.

My ambition is to be a big name in the Arts field for a long time.” Sriyananda said.