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Locally built Singer refrigerators meet global standards, says CEO

17 November, 2019
CEO Mahesh Wijewardene
CEO Mahesh Wijewardene

Reaffirming its commitment to remain as the preferred consumer brand, Singer Sri Lanka will launch Singer Lifestyle Fiesta - Exhibition and Fun Fair 2019 from November 22 to 24 at the BMICH.

“We are confident that the Singer Lifestyle Exhibition and Funfair 2019 will be a renowned success this year too. Going by the consumer trend in the recent past, where Singer brands are gaining popularity, we consider the exhibition and fair to be the ideal place to do year-end shopping for the entire family,” Singer Sri Lanka Group CEO Mahesh Wijewardene said.

“The loyal consumer base is ever growing, and we see a trend in purchasing high-end products despite the downward movement in the economy. The consumers are conscious of what they use, be it a consumer durable or an electronic device. They are keen on life style uplift and it is evident in their purchasing patterns.

“We have taken measures to meet the consumer expectation and recently launched six locally manufactured innovative refrigerator models in catering to the growing demand in the consumer market. The highlight of the newly introduced models is their high capacity, ranging from 260 to 300 litres. The R600, a energy saving refrigerant with inverter technology brings in more uniqueness to these refrigerators which otherwise consumes more energy. This is how we support to elevate living standards.

“It is a great achievement to be the leader in the Sri Lanka refrigerator market. As an innovator, we have been producing one of the best refrigerators in the Sri Lankan market coupled with the latest technology, energy saving features in particular, and we are proud to see a locally built product meeting global standards. Launching six models is a significant achievement too,’’ he said.

Satisfied customers have given huge support to promote these eco-friendly refrigerators by spreading the benefits of using these refrigerators, especially low energy consumption. Singer took this initiative to manufacture bigger capacity refrigerators to fulfill customer needs when it comes to upgrading their refrigerators to higher capacities, as well as for people who are looking for bigger refrigerators, Wijewardene said.

“We will offer many novel products apart from the refrigerators at the Life Style exhibition. The consumers will have a wide choice in the selection, and we are geared to meet their requirements under one roof. This is an ideal opportunity to showcase our capabilities as well as create a one stop shop for every consumer need,” he said.

Marketing Director, Singer Sri Lanka, Kumar Samarasinghe said, “As Sri Lankans, we are proud of these products which are made in Sri Lanka and to be able to dominate the Sri Lankan refrigerator market with our own products is quite an achievement.

We are looking forward to bringing more local products to the Sri Lankan market in the near future.’’