EUs Observation Mission to release findings tomorrow | Sunday Observer

EUs Observation Mission to release findings tomorrow

The European Union’s (EU) Election Observation Mission was maintaining a close-eye on the status of the Eighth Presidential Election and would be releasing its findings tomorrow, the mission’s, Chief Observer Marisa Matias, said.

Speaking to reporters in Colombo, the Chief Observer said their role was to observe the voting and counting process till the very end.

“Overall we have eighty people observing these electoral processes - 30 long-term observers in the field and as many short-term observers. We have also the delegation of the European Parliament,”

Matias however remained tight lipped citing that the findings would be released only tomorrow noon in the form of a preliminary statement. They were still in the process of monitoring.

“We are collecting data of the polling and counting centers. At this point, it’s a purely technical process. I was present at the opening of a polling station and I have also visited two additional polling stations,” she said.

“Yesterday was about assessing the functioning of the polling stations, to see whether the people were turning out to vote.” She said their team was stationed across the island, and that this election was the sixth the Mission was on polls duty since 2000.

Its work includes: the work of election administration, campaign activities of candidates and political parties and conduct of the media.