Joint election emergency unit to operate till Tuesday | Sunday Observer

Joint election emergency unit to operate till Tuesday

The Joint Election Emergencies Operation Unit (JEEOU) managed by the Election Commission (EC), the Disaster Management Centre (DMC) and the Ministry of Public Administration, Disaster Management and Livestock Development, the tri forces and the police will function till Tuesday, the Sunday Observer learns.

The Unite was set up to enhance the preparedness to face disaster arising from extreme weather patterns and other emergencies. “High impact disaster events in Sri Lanka have been frequent with extreme weather patterns disrupting normalcy. Flooding and severe landslides due to extensive rain have had disastrous consequences in the recent past,” the officials noted.

The Unit and the support given thereby helped overcome disruptions to voting and election duties due to such natural disasters and other emergencies.

The JEEOU operated from the DMC, and could be contacted through their hotline 117 and the DMC phone numbers 0702 117 117 / 0113 668 032 / 0113 668 028 / 0113 668 029 / 0113 668 030.