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Bigil’s Thendral speaks to Youth Observer : Give women their freedom

In future, people should allow women to do whatever they want in life, which as long as it is genuine should be fine.

Amritha’s character name, Thendral, in the recent box office blockbuster, Bigil, has become so popular, she has made a mark under that name. The up-and-coming actress’s role, as the Tamil Nadu women’s football team captain, in the film has received a resounding reception. Her character name and performance on-and-off the field, was admired. And ever-since then she has been fondly dubbed as ‘Thendral’.

‘Thendral’ first interview was with the Youth Observer.

Q: How did you get into the film industry?

A: I don’t remember how long I have been in this industry. I have a friend in the modelling field. She used to play character roles. She asked, whether I am interested in doing character roles and I said yes. So, that is how it started. I started to do short-films, advertorial films and then lead roles in the movies.

Q: Do you wish to continue in this industry?

A: Of course, yes. Why not?

Q: Are you prepared to act in any role?

A: Yes…any decent role that comes my way, I would do it.

Q: Are you doing this as a full-time job?

A: Yes.

Q: How do you balance your personal and professional life?

A: I don’t see any difference. My professional life is my life. In my personal life I am with my family, go to the gym, and when I have work, I go and work.

Q: Bigil is a box office hit. Do you think, this film will motivate more women to take up footy?

A: Yes, of course, not just football but anything in terms of what their ambition is. The movie is not just about women playing football. They need their independence. In future, people should allow women to do whatever they want in life, which as long as it is genuine should be fine. Whatever they want to do, it is their wish.

Nobody should stifle or interfere with their independence.

Q: Tell us something about your family?

A: My mom works as a company secretary. Dad is retired. I have a married elder sister. Mother hails from Chennai, my father got a job in Bangalore, before I was born. That is how we settled in Bangalore.

Q: Who are Vijay and Nayanthara for you?

A: I enjoyed every bit of what Vijay sir and Nayan ma’am (Nayanthara) have done. When it comes to Vijay sir, he is really calm and composed. I don’t think, we have ever seen him losing his cool on the set. Avar kovama irukratha paathathe kidaiyathu.(We have never ever seen him angry).

Then see, how patient he is. That is something we really have to learn and also the dedication levels towards cinema. When it comes to Nayan ma’am, I think she is also the same. We learnt so much about acting, in terms of every emotion. When we watched the movie live it was even more beautiful. She is also very passionate and dedicated.

Q: We heard you are considering changing names. Thendral or Amritha, which do you prefer?

A: I want to change, but most know me as both, Amritha and Thendral. That is why my Instagram has both names Amritha and Thendral. So, I don’t know if I can change.

Q: From ordinary to celebrity. How do you handle the changeover?

A: Ha..Ha…ha…ha…I’m still being myself. I thought people in Bengaluru won’t know or recognise me. I was being normal, chilling or going outside. But, I think it’s really different and difficult for me to handle it. I think where ever I have gone, people have recognised me. I’m just one of them. I take selfies with them and take it very normally. It’s like I’m meeting my friends. And, my friends are really happy that I have done a good job.

I went to the gym. I thought at the gym, they wouldn’t know me. But, the entire gym staff has had a team outing. Their outing had been to watch Bigil. How cool is that…. ha ha ha. People would go and watch Kannada or a Hindi movie (the priority in Bangalore). If it’s Chennai, it’s obviously this movie. I was really happy, when they said, “We as a team went and watched Bigil”. They had gone randomly. It was not for me. I went to the gym two-days after, a lady trainer kept looking at me. I was like enna aachchu, en apdi paakuranga? (What happened, why is the trainer looking only at me?) And, the trainer came up to me and asked, “Did you work in the Bigil movie, are you Thendral?”. I said “Yes”, how did you know? We went and watched Bigil. We really liked the movie. That is why I was looking at you, for quite some time, because I was doubtful whether it was you. I was like, “yes, it’s me”.

Q: We know that you are a basketball (BB) player. Would you switch to football now?

A: I don’t have to switch. I think, I can balance and play both games. Once you’re in to sports, you tend to play other sports as well. So, if you’re very sportive you would want to try any game, and challenge yourself doing it.

Q: BB is a familiar sport; football an unknown angle, with Vijay. What do you like the most?

A: Actually, BB is in my blood. I have been playing basketball since i was a child. Not just basketball, I have learnt karate, swimming and a little bit of everything, including Bharatha Natyam. I like to explore any kind of activity. But, basketball is something, I am very passionate about. I learnt football for about two months; I started to like the game. Now that my profession is acting, if I have time to play, I would indulge in any sport. In Karate, I learnt up to about five belts and then switched to BB and dancing

Q: Are you working on any projects or is anything on the horizon?

A: Well, talks are going on. Nothing has been confirmed.