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Donnie wants a Blue Bloods and NCIS: Los Angeles crossover

If you’re a fan of Blue Bloods and NCIS: Los Angeles, it’s likely you’ve been hoping for a crossover between these two shows. If so, you’re not the only one. Wahlberg once said he would love to do a crossover with two characters from NCIS: Los Angeles. Here’s what he said about his dream television project.

Donny Wahlberg on whether he would ever become a police officer

During a special Q and A session on CBS, Wahlberg took questions from Blue Bloods fans. One fan asked the actor if he would ever consider becoming a real-life police officer. Wahlberg offers this surprising answer:

I think I would love to have been a cop if I were not doing the different things that I’m doing. I’ve been told by a lot of New York cops that I work with that I would have been a great detective. I didn’t really think about it as a kid. I thought about running away from the cops because they were always chasing my older brothers and they always thought I was one of them.

The NKOTB member Donnie Wahlberg would like to guest star on Blue Bloods

Another fan had a very interesting question. She asked Wahlberg who he would choose between New Kids on the Block to guest star on Blue Bloods as a bad guy that he would interrogate. A member of NKOTB (Jordan Knight) did appear on the show in the background of an episode. However, when it comes to guest stars, Wahlberg has one person in mind. He says he would love to have Joey McIntyre make an appearance. “Joey is a very good actor and I think he would be up to the task,” said Wahlberg. However, Wahlberg says he’s not sure he would want McIntyre to play a bad guy because Danny Reagan usually beats up on the suspects and he joked that he doesn’t want to beat up his band mate.

The two characters Donny Wahlberg wants for a Blue Bloods and NCIS: Los Angeles crossover

A fan asked Wahlberg who would be on his wish list if he could choose anyone to do a cameo or a special guest spot on Blue Bloods. Wahlberg said these two stars from NCIS: Los Angeles would be at the top of his list. “I’d like Chris O’Donnell and LL Cool J to come on and do an NCIS: LA/ Blue Bloods mashup. So, we could shoot one in LA and I could have some warm weather; right around February. They can come to New York and be cold for a week and we can come to LA and be warm for a week.” Although Wahlberg seems to like these actors, he also seems motivated by the nice weather in Los Angeles.