‘Daraz 11.11 records fantastic results’ | Sunday Observer

‘Daraz 11.11 records fantastic results’

November 11 saw Daraz.lk achieve a record-breaking number of sales at the conclusion of the 11.11 sale.

The e-commerce platform over-achieved its revenue target by 140% with more than 125,000 orders placed during 11.11, thus showcasing the increasing customer interest in e-commerce.

Managing Director of Daraz, Rakhil Fernando said, “Daraz has been making all necessary preparations for 11.11 throughout the year as it is our key event. We’ve been grooming and preparing all necessary processes, and ironing out any wrinkles we’ve found in the system. That is the secret behind the tremendous success of this year’s Daraz 11.11 sale. We have already begun the preparation process for Daraz 11.11 2020.”

Chief Commercial Officer of Daraz, Muditha Thebuwana said, “11.11 is the world’s largest online sale, and it has been proven to be a boost to e-commerce industries of many countries. This was the main reason we introduced 11.11 to Sri Lanka back in 2018. The positive outcome of last year’s sale, prompted us to hold the sale this year as well, and we couldn’t be happier with the results. Our commitment to drive growth in the Sri Lankan e-commerce industry and create a high level of digital inclusivity is at the forefront of our every endeavor. And the results of 11.11 2019 has proven that we made the right choice.”

Head of Marketing, Heshan Perera said, “Daraz 11.11 was the perfect example of how an engaging campaign can draw in record numbers of consumers and prove just how convenient and fun online shopping in Sri Lanka can be.

Not to mention the fact that customers get the right value for their money. It is our hope to build on this in the future with more such engaging campaigns.”