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AIA introduces Robotic Process Automation

AIA Insurance has partnered with Potenza (Pvt) Limited; a Business Technology and Robotic Process Automation Company in Sri Lanka, to automate business processes through Robotic Process Automation (RPA).

The process automation was implemented using one of the world’s leading RPA platforms, Automations.

AIA embarked on this initiative to apply RPA technology to its operational functions which involved time-consuming processes, performed manually, with the objective of enhancing productivity across the entire organisation.

With the process automation in place, AIA can now perform these functions within minutes, enabling AIA to divert their resources to more value-added functions to help the business, while enriching the lives of its employees.

AIA’s Chief Technology Officer Umeshi de Fonseka said, “This partnership is another step in our efforts and commitment to transform our business in order to provide a better customer experience while empowering our employees to explore their full potential.

This will transform the organisation with improved efficiency in business operations and improved productivity from our employees.

With our global exposure, we have always been the trailblazers in the industry in terms of adopting innovative technologies.

We commend the know-how and solutions approach of the Potenza team.

They are not just a technology company, but a talented group of Business Transformation Consultants with solid industry exposure”.

Co-Founder CEO / Managing Director of Potenza (Pvt) Limited, Dhanusha Muthukumarana said, “RPA is one of the fast-adopted technologies from Small- Medium organisations to Global Enterprises as a tool to bring in faster value in Automation needs of diverse business operations.”