The Candle | Sunday Observer

The Candle

Like a candle she lights the world
Revealing the truth of life.
Escorts us to the summit
With humanity.
She opens our minds,
To the book of life.
Lights love in many hearts,
and knowledge she imparts.
She leaves you alone,
To think on your own,
she only corrects
Whenever you go wrong.
Her senses are able
To detect the feeble.
Tactfully she handles clever,
Making them better.
She is always trustworthy,
Never betrays any,
Like a shadow she follows,
When you suffer from sorrow.
She is a model
For the young to follow
she treats equally,
All rich and needy
She polishes the gems,
To make them glisten,
shape them to patterns.
A true teacher she is.

- Anula Peramune