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High-flyer Elmira

1 December, 2019

Elmira Perera at just ten-years-old is indeed a high flyer. Apart from her academic work she does music, singing, athletics, ballet, swimming and painting and has won many awards and certificates for her talent in these various activities.

A student of Grade Six at the Colombo International School (CIS) Elmira is also the Deputy Head Prefect of the Junior School.

At the 2018 Trinity College of London Music Examinations Elmira bagged three awards. She won the first prize in the Grade One piano examination scoring 98 marks and the first place in the Grade One singing examination scoring 96 marks. She also carried away the Special Award – Keyboard for the highest overall mark Grades 1-111.

Elmira started learning the piano at seven years of age under well-known music teacher Savitri Jayatileka and started her singing lessons when she was nine-years-old. She aced the theory Grade One ABRSM examination by scoring 100 marks.

She is now awaiting the results of the Grade Two examinations in piano, singing and theory.

Passionate about and devoted to music Elmira spends several hours a week practicing piano, singing and studying music theory. An early riser (4.30 a.m.) she uses the predawn hours to practice the piano and study.

Elmira with music teacher Savitri Jayatileka

Elmira loves the music of Mozart. Among her favourite songs are Skylark, Seagull, Almost a cannon and Disney favourites like A whole new world and Tomorrow from the musical Annie. For her Grade 1 exam she sang Once upon a dream , Little April Shower and Seagull.

Elmira always aims for the top be it in academic work or extracurricular activities and works hard towards it. In 2018/2019 she came first in her class (Grade 6) and was awarded the Class Prize. With all her many activities Elmira is hard pressed for time. But so keen is she on her studies that she studies while travelling in the car and makes time to do her homework in school.

What of Elmira the athlete? This committed young athlete is at practice at the Sports Ministry grounds in Torrington at 5.30 p.m. three days a week for athletic practice with coach Geeth Sathurusinghe.

Elmira’s athletic events are high and long jumps, standing long jump, 4 x 50 metres relay and the knee throw where you kneel and heave the ball as far as you can. She has several awards to her credit in athletics too. In 2019 she won the 1st place in the standing long jump and the 3rd place in the knee throw at the CIS sports meet. She was also a member of the CIS relay team which won 1st place at the British School Indoor Athletics Meet held recently.

Elmira is a swimmer too and is a member of the David Bolling Swimming Academy. She was a member of the under 10 4x20 back stroke relay team which won the first place at the 2018 CIS swimming meet. Elmira loves to read and Enid Blyton is a hot favourite with her. During the holidays she enjoys watching CDs and DVDs and going on family trips. She also collects seashells, bottle tops and stones and has large and varied collections.

Elocution and drama are two other fields in which Elmira excels. She was a high scorer at the Grade Three Speech and Drama Examination, 2019 conducted by Trinity College, London obtaining 91 marks. She scored 90 marks at the Stage 4 Performance Examination , Trinity College, London. Her teacher is Amanda Paiva.

Elmira with parents Flori and Nalinda Perera and little sister Thahaharaa

Elmira loves ballet and has gained Merit Awards at the Rpyal Academy of Dance (RAD) Examinations for Grades One and Two. She started her ballet at the Deanna School of Dancing and is now a pupil at Yasho School of Ballet and will be facing the RAD Grade Three examination in December this year.

Elmira is good at drawing and painting and has participated in an International Children’s online painting competition in 2018 organised by Kerala Tourism and the 2017 Vesak Lantern Competition organised by the British Council,Colombo.

Elmira is very grateful to parents Nalinda and Flori Perera and little sister Thahara for all their love and support. She also acknowledges with gratitude the help of her teachers and coaches. Her paternal great, great, great grandfather is Martinus C. Perera pioneer of electro plating and also a philanthropist.

Elmira Perera with her multi-talents, dedication and passion towards what she does is sure to go far. We wish her the Best of Luck!