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Importance of learning English

1 December, 2019

English is a global language used by most people around the world. It is very important for every one. We need to know English to get a good job, such as to become a pilot, doctor, or lawyer.

We need to know English for our day to day life. If we are fluent in English, we can write and speak it. We can do our own work, such as to fill an application and a covering letter to apply for a job. We need to be able to speak English at an interview. English is a link language that brings Muslims, Sinhalese, Tamils and other groups together, for ethnic integration and reconciliation. You can get a better service at a shop or office if you know English.

Therefore, let us all learn English and get full benefits from doing so.


M. Nizam Mohamad Aflal

Grade 6,

Al-Hudha International School,