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The job I like most

1 December, 2019

There are many jobs in the modern world. From childhood I wanted to be a pilot. I like flying and to look at the aeroplanes flying in the sky. These ideas inspired me to become a pilot.

First, I have to do my studies well. I wish to pass the G.C.E. (O/L) and the Advanced Level examinations in the Maths stream. After that, I have to enter a flying academy. And from there, I will have to learn about flying planes. Becoming a pilot is a very respectable job. I get a chance to travel all over the world. I can meet many people from other countries. I also can learn their languages and their life styles.

I will get a chance to visit interesting places in the world. I can go for foreign training and learn new techniques about flying aeroplanes. I will have the great responsibility to take all the lives of the passengers carefully. I will do my duty well.

I will try my best to fulfill my dream and to do a great service as a pilot.


J.A.D. Saneli Vihara Dias,

Grade 10 C,

Agamethi Balika Vidyalaya,