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An open letter to the President: Let’s clean the Augean Stables

To tell you frankly, I did not vote for you. I thought that you could pose problems as a fear psychosis had been created among the people about you. At the same time, I had come to know that you are a hard taskmaster. You earned a name as one of the architects to root our terrorism. You were behind the beautification of Colombo. Work ethic seems second nature to you. Your military discipline has stood in good stead in your approach to work. I saw your election campaign. It was clean sans posters and placards. You never indulged in slander and personal vendetta against your adversaries. There wasn’t a taint of racism in your speeches. Your address to the nation had all the hallmarks of humility and sincerity. You invited the minority to join hands and play a role - to unite, contribute their mite to the polarised country. That gave us hope, a soothing balm to our restless minds.

Your famed sibling, Prime Minister Mahinda Rajapaksa has charisma and flamboyance. His charismatic leadership gave us peace.

You did not want your photos to be hung in public offices, nor many back-up vehicles for VIPs. Your ceremonies have been short and simple, shining examples to be emulated by all. Your presidential actions have been fine. You seem to be the best bet to cleanse our Augean Stables especiallyin public institutions and to find solutions to conflicts and issues that have afflicted the country for so long. My mindset has changed completely. Hence my humble tribute to you in verse.

Greetings Mr. President!

Congratulations and greetings your Excellency
On your ascent to the hot seat of Presidency
By dint of simple, honest campaign you reached the pinnacle
For your adversaries, your smashing win a great surprise.
No doubt, you’re the greatest of them all
Gota, the name that’s common to one and all
Once you answered the nation’s call
On the ascendancy, you’ve made a clarion call.
In all humility, you invited the minority community
To join hands to build a united, peaceful country
You’re a person with committed, determined vision
Unity and harmony paramount to your chosen mission.
Your swearing-in-speech drew applause and admiration
You’re passionate to restore strong security to the nation
You brooked no nonsense in your administrative duty
You meticulously executed to annihilate enemy territory.
You’ve a passion to unite and bond the polarised country
Despite the grand victory, you never forgot the minority
You directed your photographs should not adorn
You’ve won name and fame for accomplishments of tasks,
Destroyed terror, beautified city. Now root out corrupt sharks
You wear a broad smile, a persona with no guile
The legendary duo’s tact and talent will go many a mile.
Your clean election campaign bears all the hallmarks
Your opponents criticised, ridiculed with vicious blackmarks
Every trick in the bag played to stall your candidacy
But the majority displayed wisdom to cry halt to their lunacy.
Now at the helm of affairs, your Excellency
You’re famed for strict discipline, tact and efficiency
You’ve a vision to foster communal concord in the country
For you firmly, strongly believe in unity in diversity
My best wishes to guide Mother Lanka’s destiny.

M. Azhar Dawood, Dehiwela