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A Plea to Teachers

Sun rays creep
Through the holes in roof
Creating fascinating designs
Inside the room
Amusing her.
Rain water
Leaking through same holes
Is not that amusing
But that muddy hut
Is her heaven.
The bony figure
Lying on the only bed
In a corner of the room
With a broken leg
Is her loving father.
Three year old child
Who is not chubby
Suffering due to something
With pleading eyes
Is her affectionate brother.
The idol in her world
Who toils from morn to eve
With no comfort
To make their world shine
Is her beloved mother.
In stained dress, bare foot
Carrying a few books
And a broken pencil
She comes to you
Crossing several bridges.
Be a mother
Be a father
A guide
A councillor
To her.

 -Kumari Weerasooriya